Importing Comodo CFGX file Bricks Win10 Fresh install CIS10


Think this is worth the time to report here, recently I upgraded CIS to Internet Security Premium 10 as I almost always immediately follow updates from Comodo.

Upon installation was working flawlessly, however I noticed my configuration had been reverted to a default state of a fresh install.
As I am an avid Comodo fan I had my configuration saved to a CFGX file on a backup drive, I went to Settings>General Settings>Import and imported my CFGX file.

This is when all hell broke loose, CIS froze became unresponsive 5 or 6 different Comodo executables we’re running the background, Ending task on several closed CIS, the other 2 in background gave me access denied warnings. Attempting to open CIS again gave me the error “CIS.exe problem please reinstall”

I thought a reboot would be in order so after rebooting the system and signing back in I attempted to open CIS from the System Tray.
Windows 10 Began hanging, mouse and keyboard functioning, however Windows Start Menu/File Explorer/Cortana/Browsers Icons and Taskbar Icons would not start any processes.

This led to a series of soft reboots which eventually corrupted the boot sector, while system restore was giving cryptic failures I was unable to recover the now corrupted file system.
:frowning: As such I can offer no log file information :frowning:

Upon many attempts to reinstall I was receiving Memory Errors, although memtest shows now bad memory modules. :o
I removed 2 sticks of ram the error messages stopped and Windows 10 began installing. :-La I thought great it wasn’t CIS it’s some faulty RAM modules simple fix, or Was it?

Upon reinstallation of Win10 I downloaded CIS and installed 10 Premium and again imported my CFGX file… The following cannot be mentioned in polite company as irrational profanity ensued.

Never the less I again followed the processes mentioned above, in a state I can only describe as Zen Mastery as I was now so focused and determined to resume normal operations.

!ot! I can only say after 3/4 Days of these processes I had become intimately familiar with Windows System Restore Failures in a way I never needed nor ever wanted to be. !ot!

So a friendly warning please for the love of whatever programming god you may worship DO NOT EVER import a CFGX file across CIS after a version update!!

A truly dismayed frazzeled Comodo User.

What version where you running before the upgrade? Also if you updated using the internal updater then need to uninstall, reboot, then install again using the standalone installer, then you will be fine importing your saved config.

Thanks for the reply

I was using release 8 prior to this.
I would agree with you about the standalone installer, however, this happened again after a complete fresh Install of Windows 10 with the standalone installer for CIS version 10.
I am not likely to attempt it again, I have been making configuration changes as best I can from memory and will save a new cfgx file.