Importing CD Bookmarks, Cookies, etc To FireFox

I would like to (easily) import my CD settings & data to FireFox - i know it can be done piecemeal, exporting bookmarks as HTML, etc, but FireFox does not “see” CD like it does IE or Chrome. This is extremely annoying, especially with the Flash & Java issues in Chrome-based browsers at this time. This is exceedingly irritating. I really like CD, but I feel that Comodo has been dropping the ball a LOT lately …


Even better (maybe), does Ice Dragon automatically recognize CD?


Answer, NO, it does NOT recognize CD. THAT is an incredible piece of programming STUPIDITY. You have two products that don’t even recognize each other!!! Who the heck is in charge of these projects?

More and more, Comodo has been letting me down. I had an offer for the complete Internet Security package for only $5.99 the other day, and I ignored it because it’s not even worth paying that little for. If there were other options out there, I would use them. If the management of Comodo were in the US, I’d contact them directly. There is CLEALY no internal communication at this company - left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing …