Importing bookmarks from another hard drive?

Apologies if this has been posted before, but my searching didn’t turn up what I need.

I recently replaced my old PC with a new machine, including a new hard drive. The old hard drive is still attached to the new machine, it’s just no longer the boot drive. I’ve been using IceDragon for ages and had a massive collection of carefully-sorted bookmarks in the browser. I’m trying to find a way to copy that to my new hard drive’s browser and it’s being… uncooperative.

I can’t launch IceDragon from the old drive (currently D:) and export it as an HTML file because launching IceDragon from D: still uses my settings for IceDragon from C: (meaning it has no bookmarks to export). I tried copying the .json bookmark backup file out of my D: directory and using IceDragon’s bookmark restore option with that file, but while it warns me that “This will replace all of your bookmarks,” I click “Sure!” and then nothing happens. It just wipes everything back to blank and imports nothing.

Am I missing something here?

Hi and welcome Ninjabutter,
With IceDragon closed.

  1. Navigate to your roaming user profile on your old hard drive and copy the ‘places.sqlite’ file.
  2. Now navigate to your current roaming user profile of your new hard drive and paste the ‘places.sqlite’ file overwriting/replacing the existing file.

Hope that helps.

Ugh, thank you so much. Worked like a charm!

You are welcome, glad to hear that helped. :-TU
Tip: Periodically export your bookmarks to a HTML file and save on an external storage device.

Kind regards.

What he said.

That notwithstanding though, FEBE works well for that too; it backs up everything, i.e., extensions, appearance, history, bookmarks, passwords, et ali. It is an outstanding tool and I use it rigorously prior to updating FF add-ons; updates to one or more may break significant functionality in the browser. Quick FEBE profile restore and you’re back to square one with no loss except wear and tear.

FWIW, I’ve implemented a strategy where I have two profiles, i.e., default and bkup. This allows the means to boot into bkup profile when needed to repair the default profile. I believe that’s important when restoring a profile, i.e., the active profile can’t be overwritten. So booting into the bkup profile allows a FEBE restore to default profile. Obviously the bkup profile should be updated periodically so as to be reasonably current.