Important Question regarding VNC [Resolved]

I use VNC a lot and one of the main reasons I’m considering switching from Zonealarm to this is that they removed the feature that would let me interact with it through VNC. Does Comodo block interaction with the program and dialogs through a VNC session, and if it does, can it be set to allow it?

I’d be suprised if CPF couldn’t accomidate you.

How do you use VNC? Internally, headless access to a local server, remotely over the web? Is your PC the VNC server at anytime or always the VNC client?

Over my network and over the web.

I basically use it most when I’m at college to do tech work on my families PCs when the have issues since I can’t be there to help.

If you could test and tell me if it allows interaction that’d be great.

Sorry, I was editing my post as you were replying… Is your PC the VNC server at anytime or always the VNC client?

The PC I’m referring to having the CPF on is the server.

With Zonealarm, it would ignore any clicks I made on the zonealarm client if it was made through the viewer.
They had an option that would fix that which they removed.
I’m trying to find out if CPF has the same issue and if it does, is there a way to fix :slight_smile:

Ok, I had no problems… using CPF Beta on the server, over my LAN (after answering a couple application rules). Not sure if you want to install this beta on your folks PC (although I would not discourage it as long as you’d update it to the next official release when available), but if not, I might suggest waiting for the next official release coming in the next 2-3 weeks. What works in isn’t a definite for

Only WAN nugget I can give you is to ensure that you setup a Network Rule to allow TCP/UDP In on the port you set the VNC Server to listen to… and when you are at home on the LAN, the Trusted Zone wizard creates the rules to allow trusted zone access on any port.

Read my How To - Understanding & Creating Network Control Rules properly if you want to understand the network rules; Rule D is the same type of rule you’ll need to make that I mentioned in the previous paragraph for WAN access.

Yeah, I easily figured out how to set rules and such, my only issue was I didn’t have another machine availble to connect with to test it out.

I would have to use the beta anyway due to the fast user switching thing, but I’ll wait to switch it until the final comes out :slight_smile:

Awesome! So unless you feel otherwise, I’m going to mark this thread as [Resolved] :wink:

Works for me :slight_smile: