I’m getting hacked over and over again but it’s not going threw which is a great thing i see the logs and i put them on block in the network monitor but will this stop them getting in to my compute??? ???


If you mean CFP then you’re safe ;D (provided that you don’t have an opened ports). Well, nothing is impossible, but with a firewall fully blocking all unsolicited incoming connections the chances of getting hacked is too slim to worry.

thank you,

Just lifted alot fo pressure thanks alot,
What’s the recommended software that i get I have CA antivirus paid subscribiton (about to out), Comodo Firewall, Comodo Boclean and that’s it?

I think you’ll receive more answers about the security software in another thread title, such as this one:

what do you mean you are “getting hacked over and over again” ?
just because a firewall blocks something it doesn’t mean you are being “hacked” .
show us some logs please …

I dont know if i gree with you there Soya

IF you are on a broad band network I suggest a Hardware Router/firewall and a sofware firewall and/or HIPS
But just because you are seeing traffic in logs does not mean you are being hacked.

As was said post your logs


I never did state CGPMaster was hacked; I only stated what I felt was the relative security of CFP with closed ports :wink:

Never had a router and I have broadband, and I don’t think I’ve had real problems with network attacks and such (at least not lately). Of course it’s a bonus to have one, though.

I really like Melih’s analogy of protection (and layers) as a house. But I suppose the doors and windows of CPF are bulletproof, compared to the ditto of an ordinary house, which may be easier to access?!


If it’s bullet-proof now then the next version will be bomb-proof.

So we’ll all practically be living in a bunker, with one door of iron, and no windows ;D


can someone email me when it comes out? I can never tell when I’m reading these Forums,… and oh yeah (R)