IMPORTANT: CPF is available

I would like to announce the availability of CPF

  • FIXED: The bug which caused the same type of popup messages shown repetedly,
  • FIXED: The bug which caused severe performance degredation of the system under certain conditions.

Please make sure your CPF copies are updated.


thank you very much :smiley: :smiley:


Thanks egemen just updated and it’s working great.

Works fine on my system. Thanks :smiley:

Works even better now! So glad I switched to CPF!

Nice job on the update guys! Congratulations to the code monkeys, they’ve hit the nail on the head again.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’ve only started using CPF in the last few days, so this is my first update.

I was impressed that the system detected the update, offered to download and install it, and then advised me that I should re-boot. Quite painless.

I wasn’t so impressed that all my connections started to die as soon as I said that I would re-boot later, and pings to a couple of sites all came back “hostname unrecognised”. It seemed as though CPF was blocking ALL connections until the PC was re-booted.

I can understand why, but is this normal behaviour for an update?

Apart from that small niggle, Comodo seem to be offering decent products at a (very) decent price, and I will probably expand my use of them over time.

For some updates(including this one), this is the expected behavior. When some firewall services are stopped, all connections are blocked for convenience.

Hey Guys
CPF is just brilliant now that it has the improvements. Works very well on my machine and I would put it up against any other FW on the market. I emailed Firewall Tester about a month ago and told them to take a serious look at a very serious FW (Comodo). I downloaded all of the various tests and on my machine it passed just about every one. It will be one hell of a FW when it can pass all the tests with flying colours.
shadha:) (WCF3)

AFAIK it DOES pass them all and its the only one that does. One of the tests requires that you have a browser open at the time of the test, but this isn’t made clear. This FW is simply the best - bar none - and its going to get better.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I also emailed firewall tester and they said it may be months before they are updated, which is a shame :-\


Well if he is going to take too long, maybe one of our users can start a firewall testing site! :slight_smile:

any takers?