Import Settings from other installation?

hi folks,

i’m just reinstalling windows after a hardware change. i had a LOT of firewall rules back then and i have a backup of the whole system.

how can i import / restore the settings i was using in the “old” system? user name, folder names, drive letters etc are all the same but i don’t seem to get it done.

i tried to import the *.cfgx file but the firewall rules have not been imported. i also tried to overwrite the install folder + c:\ProgramData\Comodo, but it didn’t work.

by the way: i found a folder regbackup in that mentioned folder. with reg_cis.dat and reg_cfg.dat - sounds good, but it is no registry file.

can you please help me with that?

thanks in advance.


You need to activate the configuration after importing. That should do the trick for you.