Import only Firewall rules from 3.8 to clean 3.9

With 3.8 I used only Firewall component of CIS. With 3.9 I use all the CIS components and I would like to import Firewal rules from my 3.8. I will be grateful for any help.

Anyone? :frowning:

Did you export the rules from 3.8 first?

If you mean export my active profile from 3.8 then yes, I did.

Miscellaneous > Manage my Configuration > Import (browse to where you saved the exported config) > and select it as the ‘Active’ one.

It’s not what I meant but now I see why I was not getting any replies for some time. I didn’t clear in my question that I would like to import Firewall rules only - not the whole CIS profile. First - I’ve read somewhere that 3.9 has some useful defaults, second - I was using Firewall security profile in 3.8 so importing my whole profile will overwrite both - useful 3.9 defaults I’ve read about and my 3.9 settings which came from choosing proactive security profile. Am I right?

This import operation will mes with all my CIS settings while I would not want that at all.

Basicly it’s the same as importing FW settings from profile X, D+ settings from profile Y and AV setting from profile Z. Is it possible? My guess is - not possible. Same for importing some FW rules in addition to existing ones. Hence my problem.

Same doubt as Bucic for me.
Any idea if it is possible?

Maybe a configuration editor, as “wished” here
or here;msg287561#msg287561

would do the job :-TU

I couldn’t wait anymore - I imported my 3.8 configuration hence I lost potentialy useful 3.9 defaults plus Defense+ and AV went down and lost their settings because my 3.8 profile was from CIS with D+ and AV deactivated.

It looks that currently it is not possible to do a selective import of settings.

I would give a lot just to see the new UI (for 4.x) layout!

trust me it looks good and as far as i have heard and seen it will have multiple themes! :slight_smile: :-TU

I’m not big for UI, I could care less, I want great detection and protection. >:-D

I’m talking rather about RAW functionality and usability :slight_smile:

That is even better ;D :-TU :-TU :-TU

Good :slight_smile:

You may take a look at my suggestion re conf profiles.