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might seem like a daft question but how do i import my current CIS AV database to CCE?

Go to Tools => ‘Import Virus Database’. Then navigate to ‘Program Files’ => Comodo => ‘COMODO Internet Security’ => ‘scanners’. Then select bases.cav.

That should work.


sorry, don’t work

What does happen? Do you get an error message?

Also, can you please provide some system information? What is your OS? Which version of CCE do you have? Which version of CIS do you have?

Win 7 x64
CIS 5.8.213334.2131


Try to import the Database from CIS

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HI yeah it worked for me, thanks
win 7 64bit

I’m glad to hear that.

Sorry to hear that it still doesn’t work for you. Please try deleting bases.cav from the scanners folder in CCE. Then try again.

If I delete bases.cav, CCE don’t work

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Sorry, I was hoping that would help. I hadn’t thought the program would stop working. Let me see if I can figure this out.

By the way, put the original bases.cav back in for the moment.

go to the CIS program folder/scanners, copy the bases.cav file.

Go to the CCE scanners folder and paste/replace. Then start CCE, it should be all good.

Yes, with cpoy and paste it works fine :slight_smile:

Sorry, my English is not good