Import (Append really ... not over-write everything)/Export Predefined policies

The ability to import/export (and like I said … append … not to over-write any existing) predefined rules …


Have “yahoo related” rule that allows (I think its local) port 80 + 5050 and asks anything else (these rules would be fully customizable after import too so … if you want to DENY anything else you could … or if you wanted to add port 8080 for proxy to that rule you could but basically … its already created … along with my few replys on creating “advanced rules” (or “others”) to the list of possible firewall options when its prompts you, being able to import (where Comodo can check rules and even have “officially approved” (for those who don’t trust forum users and do not want to manually edit the rules to check for themselves (newbies) …)

Even for me, depending on the database of rules between “approved by Comodo” rules and rules users can post for various applications on the forum, that can be downloaded, this can be a great improvement and speed up custom rule creation

I hope I have articulated that in a good way, since i am a bit tired now, I am not sure that I did