Impact on Registry and Speed of Rules from using Sandbox

I think that using Sandbox is supposed to reduce the size of permission rules, and that this reduction may improve speed of configuring and possibly running a new application, and possibly reduce registry bloat.

I have a brand new Windows 7 installation with Full C.I.S. v5.9??? with SandBox enabled.
There are things I do not like about Sandbox and I am considering a full disable of Sandbox.

My system uses a SSD with 23,522 MB in C:, which includes
64 bit Windows 7 Ultimate
8 GB Pagefile.sys
380 Mb Comodo
150 MB Third Party Applications,
and on H:\ a total of 662 MB of Portable Application,
half of which is PortableApps with OpenOffice.

I would appreciate guidance upon the sizes of the effects on speed and registry I might expect depending upon my choice of whether or not to totally discontinue the use of Sandbox.

I still remember the problems of Comodo Firewall 2.* which could not be updated due to a windows permissions error that totally blocked access to 2000 Comodo registry keys.
RegEdit was zero help and I invented my own special technique to import a special HIVE to replace a big chunk of the normal Registry hive.
Avoiding similar problems in the future is more important to me than reducing alerts via the use of the Sandbox.


Size of registry in general is as far as I know no longer an issue when it comes to speed. It used to matter back in the days of Win 98 when the complete registry got loaded into RAM and RAM was scarce. Then a smaller registry would matter with regard to performance.

Comodo v3 is a complete make over and that makes me seriously doubt this problem would have reoccurred. I have not seen it reported.


I do now have 8 GB of RAM and 4 cores so I agree that speed should not be the issue I previously encountered with 1 GB and a single core.

Still not happy about a larger amount of registry keys and values that might get frozen solid,
and I note that this topic was refreshed last month :-

and that suggests uninstallation can remain a problem even with v5.9.
However, I have beaten the registry into submission before so face the future with some confidence.