Immunet Taken Over

So Immunet is no longer independent.

won’t be long now till immunet free is no more.

I guess they will merge the immunet and clam AV projects. Well I hope they do at least.

doesn’t Immunet use clam AV’s engine?

As far as I am aware ClamAV uses immunet’s cloud technology but they have separate sigs etc.

thanks for correcting my knowledge MetalShaun :slight_smile: Cheers

Take care

Valentin N

They are basically the same so there wouldn’t be much point in continuing to develop both without merging them.

true. Is Clam AV good for being for free? I haven’t seen any good reputation regarding Clam AV.

Once I tried to install Clam AV while I had Immunet install and the installer said that I have the latest version. I have also looked at the GUI and they look identical.

Valentin N

I am sure Immunet has ClamAV integrated but don’t know if ClamAV uses Immunets signatures.

EDIT: Just looked it up and they are currently identical. :wink:

I don’t think that is happening. :slight_smile:

Immunet and Clam AV for Windows are the same in free version! uses no different Signatures in both free versions! Only in purchase version they will be little different. immunet uses bitdefender signatures for offline detection and clam av uses bitdefender signature and his own signatures for offline detection ( in Beta version)!

But now with sourcefire i think they will be one product…

I hope it will be for free and also cloud based :). Until DASC will come in CIS :slight_smile:

Valentin N

Yes, actuall infos are that also in future they will be have two versions, one free and one purchase version, too! :wink: