Immunet & ClamAV

What do you think about this? Anything?

I think if all vendors joined forces, we’d have a better chance against the dark force.

But this is the AV business, so that’s not going to happen.

I had Immunet installed for like a day recently. I can’t remember why I took it off, it runs along with your resident AV and is very light. It seems like people either love the ClamAV or hate it…hey, much like COMODO! ;D

Immunet is one of the lightest AV because it’s still beta and a lot of the features haven’t been implemented (meaning it doesn’t do much right now).

Well I’m gonna try it out, basically because I have nothing better to do. :smiley: How about the ClamAV aspect? I’ve heard mixed reviews about it.

Don’t know. I don’t even use an anti-virus. I only tested Immunet to see if it really was light as some have experienced. I have my trusty backup images whenever I’m in the testing mood.

I got some screenshots on hand, if anyone is interested. ;D

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It cannot do(perform) custom or right click scan.What AV is this?It’s a toy. :smiley:

Doesn’t looks like it.

For the last week I’ve noticed constant growth… Almost 1000 new members per day…sigs increasing reguarly etc… Yesterday I was protected against 8.***mill threats and today, 12mill threats. I guess Clam must be intergrated in the cloud now ? :slight_smile:

Hi Kyle same here see this…;msg375536#msg375536 ;D
I like Immunet, its cool and you can run it alongside of several main anti-virus programs and it’s got good info about all your installs and modifications :-TU

I’m running it full-time right now and I don’t have any complaints. It’s so light, I can’t see much of a reason not to run it.

Immunet & ClamAV LOL! Open Source has never been so bad!
Nothing more than an obsolete mail scanner…

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