immunet & cis

Just wondering does immunet offer extra protection with cis? i ask because every time immunet flags something it states quarantine unsuccessful.

No Comodo already has got an av cloud feature which is very similar to immunet :wink:

IF I’m not mistaken

No. Immunet offers additional detection which is far from protection. Comodo’s protection is Firewall and Defense+ that’s real protection.

Comodo’s cloud feature is not as Immunet’s. Comodo uses cloud scanning only for UNKNOWN files and it takes MINUTES to get response from the cloud (plz correct me if I’m wrong). Immunet has much better cloud scanning - it scans ALL files in the cloud and it goes very quickly.

Is immunet worth keeping?

Really I don’t know. As for me, I wouldn’t keep Immunet with any other AV. I would use it as the only one AV (or any other AV which I trust) on the comp, though they say it’s just a companion - addition compatible to another main AV. The thing is that detection, however great it can be, now ain’t the first line of protection.
So if there’s no problems in this coupling CIS + immunet, then - why not have them both. But sure - no any garantees that something will go wrong. I myself like the Immunet’s GUI and cloud but if I had it, it would be the only AV on my comp.

I ain’t any tech in this field. I hadn’t any bad experience with Immunet alone and CIS + Immunet coupling. It would be interesting to get info from those who have wide experience in that question.

My experience with Immunet wasn’t good.

I was disconnected more often than connected. Not a good thing for a cloud AV, and there’s nothing wrong with my internet connection.

It also has more FP’s than any AV I’ve tried… We’re talking [i]hundreds/i on my system which had already been declared clean by Malwarebytes, SUPERAntispyware, CIS, Avira, and HitMan Pro. 88)

I’m confident that if all of those heavies didn’t detect anything, I’m clean. Then to have Immunet declare that I had so many issues was a bit mind-boggling. If there were only a few detections, I would have submitted them as false positives to Immunet, but with the list Immunet found, It would take me days to do so…

Same as mine.

I’ve got the same experience and it’s not good for a cloud antivirus.

Hmmm… again, same as mine.