immunet and comodo

can i use comodo and immunet

If you use COMODO Firewall - YES
If you use COMODO IS - NO

Because: COMODO IS (Internet Security) is protecting you for 100 % there is no point to run extra security software.


Everything is beautyful in the world of teletubbies comodo ;D :smiley: :smiley:

This is just my opinion, but Immunet isn’t ready for the big time yet.

  • Too many false positives.
  • Incredibly slow and buggy scanner.
  • Buggy interface.
  • Counter-intuitive operation.
  • Less than robust configuration options.
  • Stupid community angle.

Edit: But yes, it does run fine with CIS. :-\

I test Immunet free and run fine with CIS (no FP for Immunet).

Have you run a full scan? I had upwards of 60 false positives… 88)

Oh, but I didn’t really run a full scan either. After scanning for over 3 hours (!) it completely locked up my system…

Yes i run full scan and no FP for me (different software install different resulting feedback).