Imagine if you woke up one day and your data was gone!

The importance of backups.

Imagine if you woke up one day and your data was gone!

Five years ago, the above statement would only be applicable to companies. Today, it applies to us all.

The combination of the internet, broadband access and the widespread adoption of personal computers means that all of us have got data. LOTS of data, and it just keeps growing. Digital photographs, videos, songs, documents, spreadsheets, address books, emails - there seems to be no end to the data that we accumulate. Whether we like it or not, our lives are going digital.

Imagine you’ve not only lost your data, how on earth do you remember what data you had?

The pervasiveness of the internet has, to some extent, made us somewhat insensitive to data security. It’s all out there, right? You can always get it again. The internet is proof of the old adage “That which we attain too lightly, we esteem too cheaply”.

The problem arises in remembering what you had, where you got it from and whether it’s still there (when you finally remember where it was). Add to that, the data we generate ourselves – our documents, our photos, our videos, our emails.

There is always some data that simply can’t be replaced and this is why backups are vital to our data.

The adoption of the internet and personal computers has driven the price of technology downwards at a remarkable rate. Five years ago, the thought of creating your own CDs was out of the bounds of possibility. 10 GB hard drives were considered huge and were expensive. Only businesses could afford their own web sites. The reduction in prices, increasingly clever software and widespread availability means that having the ability to backup and secure our data is within reach of just about everybody nowadays.

Time and storage costs used to be the main reasons why backups weren’t done, but the lower prices of burners, the availability of web space and the ability to schedule unattended backups means there is little reason not to protect your data.

There are several quick, convenient means of creating backups of your data. It can be burnt to CD, or CD-RW (or DVD / DVD-RW). A second hard drive is a fast economical option. FTP’ing your data to a web site is another alternative. There really is little reason not to backup your data, but every piece of irreplaceable data is a compelling reason to.

Backups are just like insurance - no-one thinks about them when everything’s going smoothly.

The value of a backup is only realised when something goes wrong.

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Get an external USB HD, and use Acronis True Image, RDrive-Image, Paragon Backup Image or Ghost, and U will sleep better at nite. No need for “Bulky” CD or DVD. Back your Partition or Data up in a jiffy. 10 mins for backup [ depending on your C:] and 10 mins for verification.
No sweat. Bro… (:KWL) (:NRD) (:WIN)

I use external firewire and USB drives, to backup my images and other stuff. Instead of windows restore, i use BackOnTrack, to get me back to a working state if i have tried a new program that didn’t work…