Imageshack hosting rules change - Possibly worth using a different host...

This may or may not be or interest or use. However, as these are multi-national forums, the information may be relevant.

Your Country Can Only View This Image By Logging Into ImageShack

Recently, I created a tutorial post for someone on the forum that contains numerous images hosted by Imageshack. Unfortunately, the individual in question wasn’t able to see the images. Whether or not this is because of the Imageshack change, is unknown

Usually I just attach images, but in this case it was appropriate to place them in-line.

I really don’t like or appreciate the way Imageshack is headed.

First they force you to login to get direct link to your image, now this? I rely on Imageshack for most of the images on my blogs, and having to switch to say Tinypic would be a royal pain because Imageshack decided to make some really bad decisions.

TinyPic has so many ads that it takes a while for it to load. I like for right now. :-TU

Simple solution: AdBlock Plus.

Tinypic is Photobucket, so what else would you expect from them?

At least Tinypic doesn’t force you to register and login to a broken login system (Imageshack logs you out each time you close the browser even if you check Remember Me) if you want a direct link to the image.

back when i was 13 or so years old… i used to use image cave… but now i just use my own shared server that i got free from fixing a computer of a buddy of mine

so much better! :stuck_out_tongue: … I thought about opening up a “free image/file hosting” site but never caught on! … oh well


When I last tried adblockers for Chrome, they didn’t work that well.

Maybe I’ll try again sometime.

I noticed on Chrome, it would leave the space where the ad was for a few seconds after the page loaded and then would actually block it.

Never had this problem with Firefox though.

I have a slow connection, and the adblockers all let the ads load and then blocked them, which defeated the main purpose I had for them.

That used to be the only option available due to the restrictive Chromium API. AdBlock Plus is able to block ads prior to downloading now, and I believe AdBlock can as well.

Hmm, maybe I’ll try it again. :slight_smile: