Images not sent to Android browser, COMODO seems blocking

Help wanted!
I spent days on this problem in vain.

I run a home web site and use Comodo CIS 5.12 free as site protection. The site has been successful so far, but some weeks ago I found missing image data on Android native browser (Mobile Safari, as userAgent tells). All other browsers on desktop PCs and Firefox on android, Opera on Android, and even the Android native browser in “PC mode” (Chrome) have no problem.
Symptom is, well that is complex but, say I open (my page) by Android smart phone, some pictures are not displayed. Reloading the page may or may not successfully displays all images. Missing image is random from time to time.

I created a lot of test pages to investigate what condition prohibits the display.
Now, I found all images are displayed if I disable COMODO !!!

The configuration of Comodo is like this:

  1. In Firewall tab, Network security policy, Network zones, I made several zones and each zone has about 40-50 IP ranges.
  2. Ports are set as 80 for HTTP server, 20-21 for FTP server
  3. Predefined policies are web server (=blocked and log by rules defined in 1), and several normal outgoing rules.
  4. Application rules set: “web server” policy is applied to http server program and ftp program.

I thoroughly checked setting options, but could not find any entry relative to above problem.
How can I resolve this problem? :-[ I would appreciate any help.


Self resolved.
Update to CFW 7.0 resolved the problem.