ImageJ - JAVA Virtual Machine Launcher - Could not start - x32 /

Had the same problem trying to launch ImageJ (a Java based image processor application) already with version! Only going back to 2.4 seems to solve the issue!

Firewall set for Train with Safe mode
D+ set for Clean PC
Running Spyboot

Any help?!

Has a solution to this problem been found? Some of our customers have complained that they can’t launch our application using Java Web Start. I installed Comodo and saw the same problem: “Could not create the Java Virtual Machine” when trying to launch the application. I uninstalled 3.0 and installed version 2.4 and the application launches without any problem.

Disabling Comodo did not allow the application to launch. I had to fully uninstall 3.0 to get it to work again.

Obviously I can’t tell our customers to uninstall their security software in order to run our product.

Dear Comodo Developers:

Here is a way to easily reproduce this problem. It seems to be related to “max-heap-size” setting in a jnlp file. If you go to Sun’s Java Web Start Demos page

Try Notepad and you will see that it works just fine.

Now take the jnlp file that notepad produces and add the “max-heap-size” parameter to it (file included below, blue code is the added part). You can right-click and launch on a jnlp file to start it up. If you try to launch the file with max-heap-size included, it won’t work. This works fine in Comodo 2.4 but does not in (32bit XP).

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Notepad App
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Notepad Demo Description
Notepad Demo Short Description

<j2se version=“1.3+” href=“Oracle Java Technologies | Oracle”/ max-heap-size=“1073741824”>