Doesn't work when sandboxed through Chromium.

CIS 4.1.150349.920 - x86 - 32bit

System Specs

I’m not sure if it’s Flash or Java bugging out, but the upload box is black,
now it says missing plugin
But I know for sure I can run videos off of youtube, so I’m thinking Flash if fine.

I love the idea of running Chromium in sandbox mode since the internet is where you get most all your bad things.

Do I just have to unsandbox Chromium?
But I like the sandbox… : (
Can I have this issue fixed while still being sandboxed?

Maybe in the some future update could there be something that could provide accessors to the sandbox? Or something like that?

If I recall correctly Chrome already sandboxes its tabs and adding Comodo Sandbox is not working. Try running Chrome outside the Comodo sandbox.