Image Verification Failed. Installer will now exit.

Im trying to but when i try to download the last 4 updates i get errors.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile for Windows 7 x64-based Systems (KB982670)

I dont know if that update will do anything but it seems to be important, but like i said, i get an error when it tries to download.

And what do you mean the signature looks good? It says its not valid at the top.

Manually installing the .NET Framework update right now. The other 3 updates are just updates to Microsoft works. Ill restart and see if this update fixes, if not Ill report back.

On the sig. We are downloading the same file from the same link.

The sig is good here.
So if you had the same file, undamaged ie: the hashes match mine.
Then the sig would be good for you too.

On the updates have you rebooted a couple of times for fun, then retry the updates?

No, I rebooted the first time when a whole mass of updates where done downloading and installing(over 50 “important” ones)

Rebooted again because there were maybe another 20 updates that needed to install when the computer was shut down instead of restarted.

And I plan on rebooting after this next one is manually installed.

Im kind of confused by the signature thing though, when you right click and go to properties then digital signature then view certificate yours says the same as mine does? Because im thinking that for whatever reason the signature is getting corrupted or something like that.

No, mine has been good from the get go.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yea see thats my problem, yours is ok, mine says that it did not verify. I dont know what is causing this or how to fix it though.

The .NET Framework just got done installing, and it failed due to an unknown error.

You are either getting a different file or a damaged file.

In the pics you can see there are different signing times.
And you aren’t getting the same hashes.

Did you download it directly from the link I posted?
And it is 57.5 MB on disk?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes and Yes.

I had another Mod download and verify the hashes.

So, I’m lost as to why you can’t get the same file and get it to hash to the correct value.

Did you reset your lappy due to a nasty rootkit or infection, of some sort?

see if any of this helps you out

No I restored it because of this very issue. I tried to uninstall COMODO Internet Security and it turned out when I tried to reinstall i got the problem i have now. I just had a whole mess with COMODO when trying to uninstall and reinstall and i just restored it in hopes of getting rid of all the problems. But obviously it didnt work like i hoped. There were no infections that i know of on my computer at the point of restoration. Even if there were they would have been destroyed along with everything else at restore.

how did you restore your laptop?

I did it the way the manufacturer told me to. Pushed F9 when it started up and ran the recovery partition.

ok and why did you recover it? and can you provide a hijack this log for me?

As I stated before uninstalling and reinstalling COMODO somehow made a big mess and it was still running normally but the files for the program were completely gone, and a bunch of other stuff.

I dont know how much good the log would do seeing as how its after the restore. How do i get and post the log? I scanned with Hijack This and got a load of options to “fix”

Ok I downloaded the COMODO Firewall and the installation went off without a hitch, I wont get the COMODO AntiVirus because it doesnt seem to get rid of the viruses as well as other antiviruses. Also when it does detect a virus I dont feel confident that it actually destroys the virus. So I will stick with Avira AntiVir for now. Thanks for trying to help guys. I dont know why the install worked this time but hey, im not complaining. The Firewall is beastly on its own so.