Image Signature Verification Failed - [RESOLVED]

As stated in my original post:

The installer is on my desktop and I do not have shares on my computer except for the default admin shares.

No solution… and I’m not the only one with the issue. I’m switching to Online Armor… let me know if you ever fix the installer because I preferred Comodo.

Problem has been RESOLVED. It was a policy issue.

Start > Run > gpedit.msc

Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Software Restrictions > Trusted Publishers

Changed “Local computer administrators” to “End users”

I used both Can't install updates or programs - Windows Server | Microsoft Learn and to help me discover this was my problem. Thanks for trying to help guys.

Thanks for the feedback, this will likely help others with the same issue :-TU

this did not work for me on win7 x64, i changed the options in several ways under “Trusted Publishers”, but the error remains. also the installer keeps marked as it has an invalid signature, even if i tried to import the signature in several settings.

i loaded the installer from comodo server.

any other ideas?

Yes. This is the way to do it. Make sure you have the full executable copied to your desktop, not just a link to the file located somewhere else. Then right click on the icon on the desktop and set RUN As ADMINISTRATOR.

Works like a charm.