Image Signature Verification Failed - [RESOLVED]

Comodo was not updating so I uninstalled it. Now when I try to reinstall it I get “Image Signature Verification Failed.”

I have tried the full install as well as the web install. I am running Windows XP SP3. No AV or anything that would interfere with it. I can install V3.0.25.378 without a problem. The installer is on my desktop and I do not have shares on my computer except for the default admin shares.

What is the problem?

I have the same problem. I downloaded the new version 4 for Win 7 64bit and it wont install. I get the Signature Verification Failed error box. I tried downloading it several time and got the same results. Is Comodo no longer supporting Windows 7?

I got same error on 32-bit XP SP3 where was CIS 4.0 before but no errors at 64-bit XP SP2 where was CIS 3.14 before. Downloaded offline installer many times and after 40 Megs were extracted that error msg popped eerytime. Managed to install CIS 4.0 after deleting Comodo-folder at Program Files, haven’t tried to install CIS 4.1 again yet.

How about some support for this issue? It has been 4 days and not even a response except from others who are having the same problem.

I am running 32bit XP SP3.

Can you try to run CCleaner or Comodo System Cleaner to see if there are leftovers from a previous installation. in the registry? and maybe verify if c:\program files\comodo.… still contains leftovers from firewall or internet security?

Got it to work after 1st uninstalling CIS 4.0 and then running CCleaner registry cleaner and then installing CIS 4.1. Comodo-folder had vanished on CIS 4.0 uninstall this time so it wasn’t causing probs anymore.

I have done both and the problem is still present.

It looks like a corrupted download of some sort.

Can you tell me where you download the sources and if you use any form of download manager to do that?

Also can you verify if you installer has the Digital Signature status OK.
You can select the installer, right mouse select Properties, Digital Signatures tab, Select the name of the Signer and click on the “Details” button.

On other thing to know, are you sure your system is clean, or cloud it be infected?

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Downloaded file with Firefox. Also tried downloading with IE and wget. All the same result.

Also can you verify if you installer has the Digital Signature status OK.

Says digital signature is OK just like in your screenshot.

On other thing to know, are you sure your system is clean, or cloud it be infected?
Computer isn't infected. Ran scans with MBAM and AVAST just to be sure and it came up with nothing.

Okay, then can you post any other software that is running on your system?
Could there be something, probably security software that could be interfering with the extraction of the files to it’s temp location?

No, I don’t think it is other software… I am not running anything that would interfere with it.

I am thinking it is more along the lines of a registry value or security policy or service that is not running that should be running but I have no idea what image verification is or how it works or what it is trying to accomplish. Is there an installer without image verification? I don’t have an issue with any other installer and I have tried a few other Comodo programs as well which all worked.

It tries to verify the Code Signed Signature that normally is applied to the extracted files.
So it seems it has an issue there to verify Code Signatures.

Did you disable any service that could be related to this?

I have no idea what that (Code Signed Signature) is so if you tell me what services that it depends on then I can tell you if it is disabled or not. What is wrong with just doing an md5 hash? This is ridiculous… anyone have an installer without this or actually know what this depends on or what would cause it to fail?

Just a few guesses:

Cryptographic Services
Protected Storage
Security Accounts Manager

What else did you tweak on your system except for disabling services?

All of those services are set to automatic and are running.

Only other thing that I have tweaked is that I use the hisecws.inf policy.

Do you have anything listed in the Windows Event logs (both System and Application) that coincides with the installation error?

I was getting the same error message, when running the install off a network share. After copying to the desktop and running from there, installation completed without a hitch.

Hi Kail,

Good one, but if he uses Hisec policy there could also be a clue in the Security Audit log right?
AFAIK hisec also sets auditing enabled.

THANK YOU. I was having the same problem.
Vista 64, opening the file through total commander resulted in the signature error. After copying to desktop installer launched properly.

Nothing in application, security, or system logs that would have anything to do with this.