Image or Backup?

I have never tried any, Image or Backup.

Which one would be better?

Recommended Free Products?

Is Win 7 64 inbuilt good?

Win 7 64 System

These of Win 7 x64 are ugly. Though some are happy with even them. As for me:
backup - syncback (more options to tweak) and puresync (the nicest GUI)
image - Clonezilla very reliable though embarrassing GUI for a novice
Redo - good especially if you are familiar with Linux
Paragon backup and restore free - its rescue disk may not see external disks
Macrium Reflect free - need 1.6 GB download of WAIK from Microsoft to create good rescue disk or just use Lynx one which may not see your external drive.

Gizmo’s freewareTechSupportAlert is a helpful portal.

Personally, I don’t really bother with backups but imaging, I would recommend the following:-

  1. Redo Backup & Recovery
  2. Clonezilla
  3. GImageX

Redo is VERY user friendly. This was my favourite untill they added MBR/Partition table backup and restore (in 1.0.2) and no option to remove this (I like to install multiple OS’s and change partitions).

Clonezilla is very good and reliable but you need to know what you are doing. Once you get the hang of it, very good software.

GImageX is also very good (user friendly) which uses Microsoft’s ImageX (which I believe comes with the enterprise version). That said, you can download ImageX and GImageX and then add to a bootable Windows PE bootdisk.


I never heard about GImageX.
Can you say how many times have you restored with all these 3 progs?
Were there any faults?
Were there restoration to dissimilar hardware?

GImageX is basically a frontend for ImageX. Without this GUI, I would never use ImageX.

I use GImageX all the time at work for Windows 7 and XP. Probably used Clonezilla more than Redo. Started with Clonezilla then went to Redo. Would have stayed with Redo but had to change due to MBR/Partition table feature (not being able to disable) so have gone back to Clonezilla.

No major issues with any of them apart from mentioned (Redo).

Restoration to different hardware worked fine with Windows XP using all above. However, only ImageX (GImageX) has worked with Windows 7. When using Windows 7, all restored fine from the backup on the same machine. Even restoring an image from the same make/model didn’t work.


For the macrium reflect rescue winpe disk there is a 256mb download available on the windows seven forums.certainly better than 1.7 gb.
Just a tip. 8)

Is the below info correct—

Image - Individual files cannot be restored. Image can be restored on new/formatted harddisk.

Backup - Individual files can be restored.

No, if you can mount an image (some progs do it) then you can browse the image and pick up the files you need.

Yes, image can be restored on new/formatted harddisk if its of the same type as the disk from which the image was taken. Some imaging progs go further and restore an image to dissimilar hadware.

Yes for most backup progs.

Interesting. Can you please name a few which can do this? I don’t think Macrium Reflect Free can do this, but someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

If to be exact with what I experienced (just not to mislead with only theoretical suppositions):

I even didn’t try to do dissimilar restoration with free progs. I don’t want to take this risk. Though I definitely heard (sorry I can’t remember about what progs) that there were successful dissim. restor. with freebies.

Recently I had nice dissimilar restoration with Paragon Hard Disk Manager (this one is paid).

I use Macrium Reflect free and have done so for a long time. In addition to creating a Windows PE based rescue disk, it’s also possible to create a Linux based version, for which no download is required. This is what I’ve mostly used.

As far as restoring is concerned, from what I understand - I’ve not personally tried with the free version - it’s quite possible to restore to different media. It’s also possible to restore individual files and folders.

In addition to Macrium, I’ve been playing around with a continuous backup solution which is proving very interesting.

How good is Win 7 64 inbuilt create system image?

And what is create system repair disc? I have Win 7 64 DVD, do I need to create system repair disc?

If all you want is to restore a complete partition image, then it’s probably good enough.

And what is create system repair disc? I have Win 7 64 DVD, do I need to create system repair disc?

It allows you to attempt various repairs, such as, start-up repair and system restore. It also provides a means to restore a previously created windows system image, and if I recall, it includes a memory diagnostic and will give you access to a command line for low level access. It’s useful but it’s very easy to create a better repair disk with third-party utilities.

In addition I would say that Windows Rescue Disc most probably will work only on the comp you’ve created it. I’ve encountered with it. In my case Windows Rescue Disc created on comp#1 (Win 7 Home 32 bit) didn’t work on comp#2 (Win Ultimate 64 bit) and vice verse.

The Windows 7 Repair disks should work an any similar platform, as long as you use the appropriate platform disk. i.e., x86 platform, x86 repair disk, x64 platform, x64 repair disk. The Windows image disks, however, are quite another matter and as far as I’m aware, will only work on the system from which they were originally derived.

Ive been using the windows 7 imaging and it has been flawless.ive restored several images and it works perfectly.

As for macrium reflect free well i used it and tried to restore an image but it would not "see"my external drive in the linux requires a 1.7gb download from microsoft but as ive stated earlier the winpe download from the windows 7 forum is only 256mb.