image execution control settings


Having installed CIS sometime ago, I’ve only tonight looked in D+/advanced settings. In there is “image execution control settings”. The slider (disable, normal, aggressive) was set to disable.

I’ve been running D+ safe-mode.

Should this be disabled? It must have been like this from installation as I’ve not altered it. In ‘help’ it says that normal is the normal setting (funny that!!). Does setting to disable mean that D+ is not protecting against exe files?

Thanks in advance…

Did you import a previous configuration in the current version. Iirc it should be switched on in Safe Mode.

Hi, Nope, fresh install.

Hi it sounds like your configuration is set to either Internet Security or Antivirus in both cases
Image Execution Control is Disabled.

Please Change to Firewall Security, or better still Proactive Security to have CIS running on all cylinders.