Image Exec. Control doesn't check if digital signature is invalid (3.0.21 x32)

According the information posted by MrBrian in Image Execution Control doesn’t work as claimed in help file (V3.0.14 - .21 X32)

Image execution Control sometimes fail to acknowledge that an application is untrusted.

Test case:
Digitally signed application with no D+ rules is needed for this test.
Defense+ Mode set to Train with Safe
Trust the applications digitally signed by Trusted Software Vendors Enabled in D +\Advanced\Defense+ Setting
Application Vendor Certificate added to D+\Common Tasks\My Trusted Software Vendors
Edit the application with an Hex editor and change one character of the string “this program cannot be run in dos mode” in the application dos stub.
Launch that application.

Observed behaviour:
The application is considered a trusted application and it will be learned automatically

Expected behaviour:
Since the digital certificate is not valid the application should not be considered trusted.
The alerts should mention that the application certificate is invalid and that the application was tampered.

Issue appears to be fixed in v3.0.22.349.