I'm wondering how to...

In the past days I’ve posted a thread about “Comodo Firewall” and “Winpatrol”.
Someone suggested me to not use those two software in the same time, so I’ve uninstalled “Winpatrol” and kept the firewall.
Winpatrol has a great feature that warn the user about the add of a program/service/activeX control/whatever else without the user aknowlegdement. Without it I cannot know if something is added in startup or in some “Run” key of registry.
My question is: can Comodo Firewall war the user about a new autostart program?

do you have the sandbox enabled?

Trusted apps are allowed to add themself to autostart.
You can switch to paranoid mode.

No, it’s disabled.

Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Add → next to the Application Path section choose Select → File Groups → Startup Folders → Apply.

And what i can do to monitor Windows services, ActiveX controls and everything can be classified as dangerous?