i'm unable to send the large files to comodo "23mb"

Hello I have a few files that i want to send to Comodo via CPF 3.0 /File Submission\ but the connection gets terminated every time i try to send the files? The files are pretty large 23mb,33mb and when the connection gets terminatted a firewall blocks an incoming connections from Comodos server IP on port 113? server IP is TCP/inbound somethimes theres like a 2-3 blocked connections from the same ip address? Could this be some kind of misconfiguartion in CPF 3.0 firewall rule or server?

There was a limit on files you can submit so it must still be there as you are having problems sending large files.
I had this problem some time ago.

I just installed Spyware Terminator and after unsuccessfully trying three times to send the five files in MY Pendings Files that were from the ST installation, on the fourth try the Comodo Icon completely disappeared and left only the cpfexe. running in Task Manager. I then started Comodo from the All Programs menu and on the next attempt to send the files i was successful. I’m sure I remained protected over this time, but I don’t like the fact of the icon disappearing and having to start Comodo again. Other than this Comodo has been a dream to use. I have Windows XP with AVG Antivirus and nothing else running. Just curious why this happened. Thanks.