I'm trying to like this product but I had to remove it...

It looks great. Installed on my computer just fine but functionally it’s got major issues.

  1. It could be a configuration issue but utorrent slowed to a crawl. I opened the ports according one of the posts here and it only got marginally better. Strike one.

  2. It began to truncate my downloads. With it running if I did a download of a compressed rar file, the file would not open because it was corrupt. With Comodo removed from my computer, downloads were complete and downloaded at a normal speed. Strike two.

  3. Embedded videos (like you tube) is very slow to load. Not sure what to do about that because after the first two strikes, I was ready to remove comodo firewall. Strike three

  4. On my wife’s computer and she only does email, surf and use MS Office stuff. It continued to get these browser errors she didn’t get before. Not sure what those errors were but these “recovered from serious error” windows kept coming up. Also the browser opened windows much slower than it did before. She kept giving me these evil looks as a result since I installed this puppy. Strikes one, two and three for comodo on her computer.

  5. On my son’s computer, slow response from utorrent even after opening ports. After 30 minutes he was back on ZoneAlarm (free) with the rest of us. You only get one strike and he’s at the add/remove programs. He also installed your antivirus product but after he was disillusioned with the firewall, he didn’t feel comfortable with your anti-virus either.

For my 25 years of computer support and MS certifications, I have to give this product an A for looks but only a C minus for functionality. I had high hopes that I could get a better product that looks great. I’m on dual core Pentium 1 gig ram, the other boxes are AMD 1.9 and 1.8 1 gig ram, Cox cable.

Beauty is still only skin deep but I had to deep six this one on those boxes.

At the same time, I have a laptop I’m still willing to test this on but it isn’t a production system so it’s ok there.


Hi Jazhawk and welcome to the forum. (:WAV)

As you can see I am not an old hand here. I had been searching for a Firewall that I could become confident and comfortable with. Very recently I discovered Comodo Firewall and quickly realised its capability, performance and potential. Due to the commitment of the Comodo Team it is probable that it will maintain or even increase its lead over rivals. For “Team” you could read “Family”, how many CEO’s are willing to communicate directly with their end users? For me all this pointed to where I should head.

I had a glitch yes, nothing as drastic as yours, but my issues were very quickly and easily resolved, at Forum level, as there is plenty of willing help here. Another [to be paid for after trial] Firewall had a very similar glitch to CPF, their Forum failed to respond with anything meaningful, and their Technical Support system are over a month into the investigation with nil result to date. If you have not done so already look at the support system on offer here, compare this with other providers. Also consider the fact that Comodo give you the software and support absolutely free.

If you are concerned about the abilities of the product take a look at the Leak Test results produced by independent sites. The vast majority of users operate CPF successfully. Little wonder that there are a lot of satisfied users here.

I tried one free Firewall and it proved absolutely trouble free, it is not really surprising because it does not do very much either. Is its popularity due to zero installation issues/ease of use/cost [well lack of]? Should users be bothered about what will happen if serious malware attacks? IMHO most definitely they should. My reasons for having, amongst other layers of protection, an effective Firewall is to achieve the best possible defence for my system.

If you are interested in seeking help to overcome any issues with CPF or CAVS it will help those willing to assist if you indicate what OS and Software you are running. May I suggest posting in the Desktop Security Products-Comodo Firewall-Help Forum, and/or the appropriate Anti Virus Forum.

Whatever actions you take will be solely your responsibility and you should make yourself aware of all possible implications. Consider disconnection from the internet whilst the system is unprotected by a Firewall and/or Anti Virus. Other Firewalls and Anti Virus should be completely removed from the system. This may involve obtaining and running special ‘Clean Up Programs’ offered by some vendors to ensure that every trace of their product is properly removed. Visiting Manufacturers web site Download areas may give clues, even if they are not promoting this type of information, as to what may be needed. Probably there are appropriate Forums which can provide advice and links. It may be worth noting that Microsoft provide “Windows Installer Clean Up” to completely remove e.g. Microsoft Office. So you may well ask - what happened to “Add & Remove Programs” then? (:SHY)-[oops, says Bill] Clearly a grey area even for well established companies and their software. Also consider another “Best Practice”, after every installation or program removal re-boot the machine. Starting from square one is always a sound idea, hopping over the squares you will never know what you have missed.

Provided you are comfortable with using a Registry Cleaner or Editing the Registry, ensure that there are no traces of the old software remaining there. This could be done in addition to, or may take the place of, the “clean up” mentioned above. Make a backup of the Registry before you begin any editing process. If you find that a particular Software Package conflicts with CPF it might be worth searching the appropriate Company/Forum for any mention of Comodo issues and possible resolution. Please remember the decisions and consequences must remain yours alone.

IMHO Comodo is a top ranking Firewall capable of performing its functions within the confines of the stated OS and Hardware specifications. It is assumed that your set up meets this criteria. If there is a conflict with any other software you will find Comodo willing to resolve the issue if it is practicable.

I wish you good luck in your endeavour and happy, safe computing whatever route you choose to take. HTH.

Hey, Jazhawk,

If you will post your specific questions in the appropriate forums, someone will be glad to help you resolve them.

And I am confident that they are all resolvable. Most likely, very quick and easy; I know some of the answers are already posted.

I’m sorry you have had so much trouble with the firewall. If you’re willing to hang in there, read through previous posts, and ask questions where you need to, everything should be good to go.


Are you looking for a job with Comodo playa? Seems you just left a big ol Comodo ad hoping the providers might have a place for ya. lol. But, 'preciate all those words and I’m sure they would be helpful to someone who might be a noobie at this whole firewall thing. But again, much appreciate the effort.

At this point however, I am NOT SO CONVINCED as you are thus far, that even though comodo is provided as a free product, is an effective solution suited for my needs OR my method of doing business on the internet. Ya feel me?

@Little Mac

Thank you for that. I have not deleted the installer from my computer because I do intend to ask questions and hopefully get some solutions to the issues I’ve posted. Can’t mistake this clean interface and the ease of use RIGHT-OUT-OF-THE-BOX. There are some snags I’ve run into and I hope you, Not So Naff, and others will be around to guide me around these, probably very minor and probably well-addressed issues.


My only comments would be that after many years of testing internet security products and looking for good support I would not go past Comodo products. I was a fan of ZA for years until it got taken over and the problems magnified, support disappeared and the forums became overwhelmed with user problems. Amongst others I have tried Norton’s stuff which was a resource hog and clagged the system and my last trials were with Kaspersky which was confusing to use and where support was non-existent.

As an IT system developer of more years than I care to remember I have been involved with PC’s since they first appeared so I reckon I know what to look for in regard to using a product and especially from a new user perspective - although I know what I am doing. The Comodo forum is one of the best I have come across and in respect of GUI interface, ease of use and setup the Firewall and Antivirus apps are amongst the best that I have used. Considering they are free (which often people tend to overlook) they do a damn fine job and in my estimation better than many costing a lot of $$$.

The only possible negative would be the hope that the support situation and product development continues down the track!

I am new here and have only had Comodo installed on my three computers for a few days but I am perfectly happy with it.

If the situation changes, you’ll be hearing from me. :slight_smile:

Well then, welcome to the forums! (:WAV)

https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,894.0.html This compilation of FAQs for the firewall is a great place to start.


To Jashawk,

As someone who keeps up on security issues, I can assure you that comodo is one of the top rated firewalls. But any firewall involves a learning curve and I am just starting with a newer and perhaps easier version. Learning any firewall is a pain—but I have posted some questions on this forum and got back quick answers. —its easy to go strike one–two —three----but wait until the home run is hit by malware that penetrates your less secure firewalls to learn the real meaning of striking out.

As for me—I still have the option to go back to the less secure free firewall I had—but I plan to give the comodo firewall a full chance and not decide anything for at least 30 days.