Im thinking, learning a new language would be cool(?!)

I’m having a lot of spare time… And will have so, for like 2 more months (at least)… Basically I don’t have to do sh*t… :o So I’m thinking, why not do something cool, learn a new language?? 8) The only issue is, there is so many languages out there, what should I put focus on? There are a few I’m thinking of a little more than the others those are:

1)(some) Arabic Language Can anyone educate me what language is most popular in the middle east? If I pick this one, its mostly due to fun… sometimes I see people loudly speaking some Arabic stuff that I can’t understand… But it would be cool to understand… You know, always fun to hear peoples conversations… ;D err maby not… :stuck_out_tongue:

2) Chinese (mandarin?) I would love to visit China some day, it looks like a cool country… My mother was there, and she had only good stuff to say about it… If I visit there it would be cool to know some phrases… Is Mandarin the biggest language in China?

3) French When I visited France, me and my girlfriend noticed that many French people didn’t speak English… If I knew French I would be able to communicate better with French speaking people…

4) German Probably the easiest to learn… German and Swedish is pretty similar!

5) Russian could be useful? I know a (former) russian girl, maby she can help me some (IDK)… Anyone know if their alphabet is hard to learn??

6) Other suggestion?

Personally I’m leaning most towards Chinese or Russian… Just a note: I’m not planning on being translator good… Just learning some basics (so I could be somewhat understood/understand).

A plus for Chinese:

I can watch that hot girl while learning the basics! (:KWL) :■■■■

中文 :-TU

Any of those places youd like to go visit? :slight_smile:

french & spanish :-TU

Hi commanding the celsius,

I am not sure why the Italian is not in the list?
Any language is interesting but Italian sounds pretty cool. Nobody can deny that.

As for the learning process itself from what I know Korean is very logically structured language, but as for all “western people” the hieroglyphs are the most difficult part to learn and comprehend.
Since those are not precisely “the alphabet” according to our understanding.

Speaking of the alphabet & the Russian

Russian alphabet should not be a problem. But the grammar is quite complicated and considered being difficult.

In Russian alphabet there is a set of letters that are equivalent to the Latin (in block letters writing)

The example from my experience. We (the team) were involved in adaptation of the operating system for one of the micro computers. I was assigned to write a program that should solve a problem with file names when the letters were accidentally entered using a mixture of Latin and Russian. The programs were crashing badly if that happened.

So I wrote that and it worked, but when I was testing I decided to change the algorithm of the syntax analyzer introducing the string of the equivalent letters presented as one literal instead of having separate letters in the array.
As a result the combined literal looked like this: “CTAHKOMBXEP”
Those are all Russian letters that as you see look similar to Latin writing (but not all are pronounced similar though).

I could choose any order of the symbols it that string, but I wrote it like that deliberately, because if you read it in Russian it’s actually a sentence (3 words) and it sounds pretty much rude :smiley: considering the last word:
“станком в хер", which if you translate can be interpreted as if somebody kicked your genitals (male genitalia) with the lathe or some kinda machine tool

I know for sure that there are other Russian speaking guys in this forum – they can confirm that.

Now you know almost all Russian alphabet (11 letters from 33) :wink:

Then, I hope that the former Russian girlfriend will not do any kicking as above, but just helping in learning the language ;D



... a (former) russian girl...
the girl was former Russian or ... 88) previously was a girl :D

China, German, Russia all seems like great countries that I could see myself visiting. Not thinking about re-visiting France anytime soon (it’s not that I didn’t like it there but I didn’t find it that special) + we met a crazy dude (maby he is still there somewhere, lurking the streets)… :o

Hi SiberLynx, thanks for the long post explaining Russian more in depth!

Italian, I didn’t add it since I don’t think Italy is that widely spoken? :o But I agree Italian sounds cool.

Minus for korean: not a major language… I’m mostly interested in stuff that are widely spoken (and for that reason has a bigger chance to come to use someday)… :slight_smile:

I leave that to your imagination… :wink: But that former Russian/girl has never been a “girlfriend”.

Some update: I have watched some videos + read some about Russian and Mandarin. (just really basic stuff…) But I think I will give them both a go… And see what feels most suited for me… And then put focus on that!

My awesome poll supports that decision as well… =)

Hi SiberLynx, thanks for the long post explaining Russian more in depth!
You are welcome. If you will eventually consider learning Russian - feel free to PM if any questions
Italian, I didn't add it since I don't think Italy is that widely spoken? But I agree Italian sounds cool.
I don't know... Italian seems to be very popular language

Well, at least here is my first weak attempt to translate & answer in this forum today ;D


Ok, Ill do that! :smiley: :-TU

Cool! :-TU

… except … you’ve made an interesting typo and the beginning of the next unrelated sentence was concatenated

… if any questions
I don’t know…

So, what kinda help I am offering … if I don’t know ? ;D


Oh… :stuck_out_tongue: Good job on spotting that… I actually did it on purpose to see if you had an eye for grammar… 88) I can’t just let anyone help me with a new language you know. :-TU :-TU

I can tell SiberLynx has an eye for grammar just by looking at his posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Almost as good as me!! :P)

Hi LaserWraith,

I cannot possibly be as good as you are… not even close :stuck_out_tongue:

And then, I never knew that a grammar is in desperate need for an eye that I have…
I am not ready yet for such sacrifice ;D