I'm Scared!

Too much, too soon? I need guidance. :BNC I’m not kidding, this here protection scares the crap out of me. Will it consume me if I’m not paying close attention?

I, as a comodoer, realize that the final default settings will be set such that I will be protected but do I have to learn all the intricacies all at once? You know, just so I can follow what is going on? It, on the surface, is quite impressive! Oh and so…

Keep up all the good work and I know you guys always KISS, so I’m not really too concerned.


Yes, it will eat you :Beer

well muckman i would have to say as a comodo user that you would have to read this whole forum.I have been having trouble all day with this thing.worked perfectly for a while now it went to the dogs wont even ask me if i want to allow connections or programs to the network lol had utorrent working perfectly then uninstalled 1.6.1 went back to 1.6 deleted all app rules for it installed the older version.started it and no window to allow it but it did connect somewhat.then i deleted all apps rules and started all the apps that connect to the net some the window would pop up some would not.then i scanned for know apps only found 5 out of 25 that connect to net.then i went and added the programs to the app moniter most worked ok but not utorrent and a few others. went through and looked at the app rules so they were set right child parent allow tcp udp and so forth still no green tick on utorrent some apps connect without confirmation some dont connect at all even though they are set to allow.aslo firefox has about 20 entries in the app monitor and asks me every dam time even though that it is set to remember my anser lol.so then I decided to start over unisalled all the avg stuff then unistalledthe firewall then insalled the fire wall first then the avg again and and also before I forget cleaned the registry and all files before i installed again.then went through the whole thing again with the same result rules apps networking and so forth and im still in lala land with this thing lol and I know its not my router the second i exit the fire wall everything is perfect.oh and scaned the conputer about 4 diffrent times for virus spy ware and rootkits.now I admit that this firewall is tops for security in my humble opinion but unless your banking online or putting your credit card number in the cpu which both are no nos as far as im concerned i think its overkill for the normal net user.as you can see by the amount of posts and the size of this forum it is not an easy program to deal with.just tryung to find an anser in this forum is hard to do and I dont like to ask because one its free and two the question has probably been asked a 1000 times before and these guys must get sick of ansering the same questions over and over.so it up to you you can spend a month or two reading this forum or buy a decent firewall which is what im going to do because I spent to much time already not only here but other sites as well. could have bought a new cpu by now lol all the time that was spent on this and the trouble its causing me on normal programs that are no threat at all or mininamal threats and the repeated asking of allow this program will drive you over the edge if your a normal user good luck come on guys firefox every time asks and the box is already checked when its asking me lol hey what do you want for free oh and install the fire wall first before anything else this alone will drive you nuts.ok I talked enough i downloaded the alpha 3 lol going to test that I,m a glutton for punisment lol. i’m sure I’ll be doing this in a few cheers :Beer

Hi munckman

You have a valid point, but don’t panic (excuse the pun ewen) there will be a safe apps lists with CFP 3 Def+ and will be more user friendly…Comondo knows most users will not be tech savvy with the exception of some of the whiz kids here and i have great respect for their wealth of knowledge, microsoft have done the same them selves with UAC ppl adapt… but you will have the time to adapt…before you get consumed…kidding…
There is a wealth of knowledge here or what i did with t CFP 3 alpha was to google it…if i wasn’t sure
Comodo offer another layer of protection…you control your PC it does not control you lol

as far as this forums goes you can ask any questions and some-one will answer you…really friendly bunch and some of the best on the net…Kail looks scary tho…lol :THNK

Damn It, I just knew it. (:LGH)


Thanks a bunch. I know all about what you say about the program and the users here. All top notch. (:CLP)

I just new I would get consumed. (:AGY) Thanks for confirming the inevitable; it helps.


I agree. Computers can be lots of fun. We are all are a “glutton for punishment.” I’ll try and look up some links for you. There are solutions for everything! Once you are settled in I think you will be happy. Just don’t bail. :SMLR (:CLP)

Thanks for the reply munkman you are a true Comondoer at heart… (:CLP)…and that’s just another reason we keep comming back…i was pretty sure you were well aware of all aspects anyway…I was initially curious about the firewall…Then BOClean…gonna keep an eye on the AV for Vista… :THNK
I now want to see Melih complete what he has set out to do…so i think at the end of the day i will be consumed as well lol …they all make it interesting…as the forum is as important as the product…


ok i think i found my error for utorrent.In the network control rule destination tab i would like to know the direction in or in/out or out lol there are conflicting screen shots at portforward and i think that is what gave me a royal pain in my *ss cheers all :Beer

I like the idea of Defense +. I have seen it before in the free version of Process Guard. Since my knowledge of system files is limited I am wondering if there will be Publisher information about the files being reported? That will make decision making a lot easier.


v3, as an Alpha release, is not yet complete - obviously stuff is missing. This includes the built-in support features to provide input on what the Defense+ alert is telling you, the risk level, and whatnot. It will be much improved; probably even for the Beta release (and no, I don’t know when that will be…).

munckman, rather than be consumed, check out this thread…
There is a subtopic/post in there about “set & forget” configuration; that’s pretty much as quiet as you will get it for the time being…


Thx Little Mac. I figured something more would come up later in the process. Meanwhile I keep happily using Comodo on Vista. It is stable (not a bad achievement for an alpha build) and a secure firewall.

im testing the alpha version for vista on a text box and its been going well so far