Im really sorry if this has been posted here before

I was wondering if Comodo Internet Security had manual virus definition updates? Every other Anti Virus i have had from AVG to ClamWin have manual virus definition updates. I need them because i do not have a direct internet connection.

Hello Stroggos
I apologize for my late response.

Yes; It Does,
If you go to CIS > Click on the date that it was last updated
CIS > Antivirus > Update Virus Database

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I think you mean if there are files you can download for an off line computer.Comodo does not have this.

As a workaround you can copy the bases.cav from the scanners folder to another computer. You need to temporarily disable D+ for that. You can do that fromthe systray. Click right on the Comodo icon → Defense + Security Level → disable.

When done don’t forget to enable D+ again. :wink: