I'm Not A Computer Expert -- Will CIS Work For Me?

I’ve been thinking of trying CIS for a while, but so far haven’t convinced myself to. I like the fact that it’s free, and I really appreciate the fact that Melih is generous enough to even offer keys to CIS Complete for free. You just can’t beat that kind of generosity!

The thing that’s been keeping me from giving it a shot is this – I’m not a computer expert by a long shot. I’ve been running NIS 2010 for a few months, and it just seems to work. It never so much as makes a peep. I’m not necessarily wild about Symantec, but I can’t complain about the results I’ve gotten from NIS. I’ve heard, on the other hand, that CIS produces a large amount of pop-ups – many of which might be confusing to someone like me whose computer knowledge is average at best. I’d hate to fall into the trap of just getting used to clicking “allow,” and then do it once too often and wind up regretting it.

So, I guess my question is, for someone like me, is CIS something I should try, or should I stick with something like NIS?

Thanks in advance for your input!

I think you will get a lot of one-sided answers here. I have used both a lot, as they are probably my two favorite programs. I have tested both on 4-5 different machines. I think Norton is much more user friendly, and will provide a lot less pop-ups while offering a similar level of protection. Just my 2 cents. Comodo is nice, but you will get a lot more pop-ups on every day, safe programs compared to Norton.

Here you can get an idea of programs, drivers, etc that may cause popups in Comodo:




there are only few popup if the comodo sandbox is active.
I think CIS with default setting is very suitable for you.

After NIS let a Trojan downloader onto my computer without detecting it I decided to try the highly reputable Comodo Internet Security and I have not received an infection in over a year with CIS!

As far as popups go the with the exception of Comodo AV virus dections the only popups I ever get are during a program installation or uninstallation which has always been completely understandable to me even in the beginning when I had no prior experience with Comodo. In the beginning I did have a few difficulties with setting CIS up, but the moderators and members of the Comodo Forums answered all of my questions quickly. Running Comodo Internet Security can be as deep and intricate or as simple as you want to make it. Personally I have gotten a great deal of satisfaction from learning new ways to use some of the optional features that come with CIS by way of all the many highly experienced and very knowledgeable Comodo users that post here.


I actually don’t find it to be too talkative if you set it up as described here:
and follow the methodology for adding all files you know are safe to the safe files list.

CIS 4.1 by default should NOT produce much pop ups at all. Only when you install/uninstall stuff.


Thanks for your replies, everyone. I might go ahead and give it a shot – I can always go back to NIS if I’m not comfortable with it. Thanks again!

Not a bad idea. You will know pretty quick if it works for you or not.

mhl6493- These results from the Matousec Proactive Security Challenge published in May of this year will give you a good idea of how much actual protection your computer will receive from various security software vendors…


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