Im new to this and need help?

Could anyone help me?
I am running AVG email scanner and the Comodo Firewall just wount Allow it to work, i have tryed everything i can and it just will not work.
I have to turn off my Firewall to accept emails
Please can anyone help me?

Just installed comodo to-day and i’m in the same boat…AVG mail scanner pops up but will not deliver the mail…In the comodo Application Monitor all of AVG’s apps are set to allow…avgmail.dll the mail parsing module is also set to allow.

any advice on this to get AVG back to doing its e-mail stuff, would be appreciated. :THNK


Have you tried to set it to “skip advanced security checks” in the application monitor rule for AVG?

Yes tryed that still wont work.
it just wont let AVG Connect to the server, iv tryed bypassing it iv tryed TCP/UDP both IN and OUT.
Im stuck (:SAD) :frowning:


In SECURITY - APPLICATION MONITOR, make an explicit rule to allow all activites for AVGEMC.EXE and select “Skip Advanced Seucrity Checks”.

Just remembered, the email scanning module in AVG 7.! was called AVGEMC.EXE. This module may have another name if you are running AVG 7.5.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: