Im new to the uses of Comodo.

Hi ,
I have recently downloaded Comodo, and i wanted to do a spybot check on my computer but my computer is not downloading anything completely (100%)…so i thought maybe its because of comodo and tried to diable it , but it dosent have any option of disabling it, so i went to msconfg and tried to disable it from there ,but my computer wont let me make any changes (it says i have to login as administrator ,even though im already logged in as administrator), Still i selected ‘selective startup’ from msconfig, and restarted the computer and EVERYHING ON MY SCREEN IS GONE!!, so i ran the programs from start menu and since then my comodo says COMODO firewall pro is being initialised…
I have no idea as to what to do!!!
Please help.
Thankyou in advance.


I’m sorry for all of the issues you have had if you could please provide us some more information this will help us diagnose and fix the issues your PC is having.

Please tell us what OS you are using, what firewall you used before Comodo, and what other security software you are using.

Also please tell us what version of Comodo you are using.


Thankyou Justin,
Im using windows xp pro, before comodo i was using Trend micro Office Scan.
Im using McAfee antivirus
Im using version of Comodo.
Thankyou again Justin.

You might have accidentally clicked “Show desktop icons” which removes the checkmark. Check by right clicking a blank part of the desktop, go to Arrange Icons By → Show Desktop Icons. If it’s unchecked, then all your desktop shottcuts will be hidden. Click the link to make them visible.

If it’s already checkmarked, boot into Safe Mode and see if they’re visible there.

You might have prevented explorer.exe (Windows’ shell, not the browser iexplore.exe) to run and that was why your desktop was gone.

To disable the firewall right click on the tray icon, select “Adjust security level”, and “Allow all”, that should stop all its activity. Not sure why you can’t shut it down though.

Thankyou for you replies guys,
I have got back my desktop icons, and i have right clicked on comodo icon and selected exit and disabled comodo, but even then i couldnt make the downloads, I have enabled comodo again, but i wish i knew what is preventing my downloads.


When did the downloads stop working correctly? Were there any system changes around that time? Also have you tried downloading from other servers, if you have what happens?

It stopped suddenly one day , i think my computer was infected with a trojan(it was cleaned though).
I ran ewido scan and cleaned my computer.
I have not tried any other servers.
Thankyou Justin.

I’d bet it’s a bug in your browser. Which one are you using? Try its support service or re-installing it if necessary.

Try and obtain a copy of HiJack This and install it. When you run it, look closely fro something similar to “”. This trojan will produce pretty much the symptoms you’re describing here.

Ewen :slight_smile:


right click on comodo systray icon and set it to low this only will mostly bypass comodo.

works it then?


PS: ifnot might not a comodo issue