I'm new to CFP and wondering if I should go with CIS

I been a ZAIS user for a few years now,until they sent me the auto update to 8.0 Vista and it was a disaster. I can’t believe the problems it had and caused me.I had paid 49 bucks US for it to. I finally had to do a clean uninstall and move on. I had heard of Comodo from a friend that has used it for years so I did a bit of research and then downloaded it. I have Avast 4.8 free and Superantispyware as a on demand scanner. My Vista Home Premium SP 1 9600 Phenom quad core processor is running pretty quick right now.CFP 3.0 was a bit tight at first until I learned some things about it.I am behind a Linksys router wireless with 4 ports on the back,I am wired not wireless. They have a Nat firewall also.I put the CFP 3.0 on my XP Pro (wireless) and could not even get on the internet and could not seem to give it the right permissions so I uninstalled it.I like a all in one product myself.I am wondering if I should uninstall Avast 4.8 and get the whole CIS or wait awhile.What would you guys do?Thanks for your input. :THNK


Hi Mark,

Well I guess CIS deserves a chance. Replacing your current firewall (do you still have CFP?) and avast! will reduce the number of processes and RAM usage. As for security, I think avast! has advantages signature-wise. It has older signatures which CIS lacks. On the other hand, many threats today are new threats, and those are mainly the ones Comodo picks up. Engine-wise I can’t compare CIS/CAV to avast! because I know too little. All I know is that Comodo is a new program developed for the threats of today.

Furthermore you get an almost bullet proof HIPS component in CIS - Defense+ - which you’ve already seen in CFP. This is not very common among security/antivirus solutions and there is no such thing in avast!.

So in my opinion, what you may loose in lack of old signatures in CIS, is well gained in other aspects. CFP 3 has proved itself to be very secure for almost one year now. CIS takes it to an even higher level thanks to traditional AV technology. I’d recommend CIS!

Hope this helped. :slight_smile: