Im new here need some advice if poosible?

Hi everyone just installed comodo and i must say im very impresses the problem i have is my nat error i keep getting in azeurus never got it with norton i have red the faq on this and got a little confused so i posted a pic of wat i done if someone could tell me if i have done it right id be very greatfull cos it still comes up with a nat error

many thanks

Hi and welcome to the forums, to my eyes the rule you have created looks ok but you need to move it up above the block rule by selecting rule 6 and clicking move up. Hopefully this will work for you.

o right i see i take it you have to have all the rules you create above that blocked rule for them to work is that right mate?

thanks 4 the quick reply!

Yup, the block rule needs to be the last one.

Yes, as gibsiain points out, the block all rule must be last. Reason is, the Network Rules filter from the top down; until traffic is either allowed or blocked.

Here’s a link to a compilation of various tutorials all in one spot…,6167.0.html

Hope this helps,


thanks for your help guys it worked fine but no i am home form work turned my pc on and azeurus now has a nat problem again any ideas why that would be?

Can you explain some more about the azureus problem, and give us some details?



certinly mate as you can see from my pic i posted i think i have set it up correctly and it did work yesterday my nat was open but i have just turned on my pc again and tested my nat in azeurus and now it says my port is closed nat error any ideas why this is?

In azureus, you should make sure that it is configured to use a port manually specified (as per your Comodo rule), and that the UPNP feature is disabled. This will cause trouble with the firewall rules as it generates random port utilization for the p2p app. That may be the problem.


UPNP as in the services?

Yes; same thing, but in the p2p application’s configuration, rather than in Windows Services Universal Plug & Play Device Host. Note: This should not be confused with the Windows Service Plug and Play (for hardware devices like a monitor, etc).

With applications like p2p that require an Inbound Network connection to accept the feed, UPnP is normally used to randomly select a port to be used for this connection. This makes firewall rules creation very difficult/impossible because the port would always be changing. Thus, UPnP in the p2p app needs to be disabled, and a single port manually selected.