I'm new here and have a question

Hi I’m new to this forum and I have a question. This site has way too many sections and sub sections so I don’t know which is the appropriate section to ask this question on, so I hope no one mind me asking this question here.

OK my question is

Should Window automatically recognized Comodo Firewall and say that you are being protected?

I know you are suppose to turn off window firewall once you have installed any third party firewall. But the thing is that when I check my window security it says that I’m not protected and that I should turn my firewall on, but since I already installed Comodo should window recognized Comodo and says that I am protected?

YES WINDOWS recognizes comodo firewall
comodo will automatically disable windows firewall if not manually disable windows firewall to avoid problems

YES WINDOWS recognizes comodo firewall

Thanks but when I check window firewall it says: “You are not protected: turn on Windows Firewall” - this caused me to think that window doesn’t recognized Comodo and that I’m not protected.

Is this normal?

did you make sure and reboot after the initial install of comodo firewall?

Hi Ward007 and welcome,
If re-boot hasn’t solved the problem, I suspect a corrupt WMI Repository see here for instructions on repairing or rebuilding the WMI Repository.