I'm new and trying to understand Dragon in virtual mode

  1. I have different browsing histories Dragon Virtualized and non-virtualized. When I open Dragon from the Virtual Kiosk, it opens without the green border and the virtual keybord is visible. If I click on the Comodo button (upper left corner), one of the options is to virtualize Dragon—but it’s already virtualized (I think) because of the browsing history I can bring up. Is this true or is the green border a necessity?

  2. I open Dragon from my desktop(unvirtualized). Then I click on Upper left corner Comodo button and select virtual mode. The green border appears but the virtual keyboard does not. Again I’ve used the web history to see that both Dragon modes are different and it appears that the one with the green border is virtualized and the other is not. Is there a way to obtain the virtual keyboard using this method?

  1. When you run anything in the virtual kiosk it will be virtualized (without a green border). The only time you see the green border is when dragon (or any program) is virtualized outside the kiosk. The only time you will see a border in the virtual kiosk is when you run something from the shared space, it will have a red border since the shared space is setup as an exclusion.

  2. The virtual keyboard is only available in the virtual kiosk. Virtual mode runs dragon in comodos sandbox just like the virtual kiosk but the kiosk has other functionalities like the keyboard.

Here is the help file about the virtual kiosk it might help answer some questions you may have.

Hope all that makes sense.