I'm just posting this here because the forums are confusing

How can I check whether or not my version of Comodo has HIPS in it?
I dont’ care for Comodo’s anti-virus - since it’s still relatively new but I do like the firewall.
However I was told to check if I had HIPS on it, I clicked around through it, but couldn’t find anything.
So I was wondering if maybe I missed it somewhere?
I’m running firewall version 5.0.163652.1142

Just a suggestion, use vBulletion for a forum, this version here is too narrow and WAYYYY too cluttered.

you mean Defense+, that is Comodo’s HIPS

Yes, we do need a Motorway with eight lanes (four each way) and less traffic.

While I appreciate the cynicism, take a look at this forum setup.

…and you tell me what’s easier to view.

As RoBBaSs said Defense + would be the HIPS your looking for.
I personally like how these forums are, actually i like it the best out of all the forums i visit!

Nevermind, it was staring me right in the face.
I guess the new UI threw me off. lol

I find it INCREDIBLY cluttered and the red headings are such a strain, especially when it’s all cluttered.

Vbulletin’s format is much easier on the eyes.
ie - > http://www.wilderssecurity.com/index.php

well considering you only see that red for a few seconds at most it isn’t that bad and the red on grey looks nice.

A few seconds?
Not if you’re looking for the proper forum to post something in, or if you’re looking through all the subjects.

Hopefully things may change for the better.
It’s ironic, because the firewall is fantastic, but the help forum structure and colors are brutal. lol
But again, love the firewall. :slight_smile:

When you become really old like me, you will find the large lettering and contrast easy to read. It’s all down to personal preference and I would vote to keep Simple Machines.

Oh and you could have posted here:

I understand your frustration, but the reality is that these forums provide support for many, many products and each product board has been broken down to make it easier to find information within a product branch.

Yes, to a newcomer, it can be daunting. Once you’ve been here a while, the logic starts to seep in.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I can easily find what I need on this forum, once I got used to it. Go SMF :-TU … always liked their forums.