I'm interested in beta testing

+1. Which Q’s?

you could Download it onto a VM. Or If you know what you are doing, you can download it onto your PC (Not recommended).

This question???

I will say it again: “Time and dedication to Comodo forum. To Comodo products. Helping Comodo. You can be one of them… One day… Volunteer”

I will break it down for you…

The people you mentioned are not working for Comodo full-time with paid salary. They volunteer their own time and work for free using their expertise to help Comodo. Only Comodo staff getting paid and work in official capacity. Having said that these people still work for Comodo in their own way.

Understand now?

If you want to be one of them one day. You need to help Comodo. Use your language to translate the product, help out with BETA testing, etc. One day you might be asked to become a moderator or if you want other ‘job’ let the Comodo staff know (how can you help and in what way).

!ot! Well I would love to work for Comodo…Sadly not many schools around here have Majors in Cyber Defense but I am planning on Dual Majoring in Web Design and Computer Sceince and then minor in Cyber Defense. It just what I do best ;D

I work on computer right now and have made my own gaming website(with the help of webs)
www.bosunited.webs.com Check it out but It hasnt been used In a while so yaa :-\

Anyways just wanted to get involve becuase I think Comodo is doing the right thing helping people. !ot!

;D Thank you guys for the support ;D

Well take Melih, for example (CEO of Comodo) he has a degree in the Electronic Engineering. Computer Science is a great start. The most important thing is also to have passion and dedication for the work you want. And you will achieve what you want. I agree. Comodo is a great company and the people in it. Comodo offer the best - full protection for free! Who does this? Nobody else. Comodo always tell how it is (no lies)! Who does this? Nobody else. Comodo CEO comes and interact himself with users here. Who does this? Nobody else. And the list goes on and on.

True! (:LOV) (:LOV) (:LOV) (:LOV) (:LOV)

Has much of this thread gone off topic? By the OP no less?
What exactly is the thread about? I see multiple things here.

If you wish to beta test, as most of the members on here do (they love nothing better), learn the current software, look for ways to improve it, look for bugs or potential bugs, report these where and how appropriate.
Also, when next release comes, do it all over again.
That is on topic.

Everything else is OT.

Note, you may ask any Admin or Mod about joining special user groups (usability, malware research, etc.). If you are demonstrably passionate about this, it probably will be granted you.

Well got slightly off topic but I hope that does not cuase major problems :-[

I am still w8in for links from mods or other users on how to use the software…I would love to do it but don’t really know where to start…

Also the thread is (more or less) about how to beta test and helping Comodo… feel free to change the title if you want (I can’t stop you lolz) ;D

I mean if everyone wants to beta test (like me ;D ) It would be nice if we were given videos or links on how to do it…

How to beta test Comodo’s software? Install it, use it as fully as you can, look for any bug, can it be reproduced, document and report it where appropriate, in the manner specified.
Read the current posts to see if this has already been reported.
No special software required. Some members will test inside a VM, but this too may create its own set of problems (software specific here).
VM’s are available over the Internet free, Google what you are looking for.

Will I need a CD for VMware?

Hi Ivan12345,

VMWare and Virtualbox are both freely available for download. The Operating system is then installed using either a physical CD / DVD or an .iso can be used.

Any programs to be installed can then either be downloaded within the Virtual Machine, - as when installing the Operating System it should detect and install your network adaptor - or with an install CD / DVD.

( Hope-This-Helps )

Ivan12345 do you read anything we write? LOL!

Yes…and where can I get ISO image is that online? Free?

Actually, I recently became interested in an aspect of this.

Does anyone know if there is a good way to image your own physical drive (so that you can run it inside a virtual machine) without using an external hard-drive? I tried using Vmware VCenter Converter, but it keeps failing.

Hi Chiron,

Have a look here at WinImage :- What is WinImage

it has the capability to create an image from a floppy disc :o , CD, DVD, External Drive and your HDD.

WinImage is an ASP shareware program.

Hi Ivan12345,

Please have a read here about .iso images:- Optical disc image - Wikipedia :slight_smile: