I'm interested in beta testing

I know this is a dumb question but If i want to beta test for COMODO what do I have to do?

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Thank you

Your questions are … Special ;D If you want to beta test for them, just install a beta version on a VM and try to improve it by reporting bugs and things that they should fix/improve. That’s all no ?

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Yes that’s all. You can use VMware or Oracle VM VirtualBox. Pro’s test malware on VMware as it’s more stable.

if your going to test v6 i would wait till the next version. I think it will be released next week (this is just a guess based on the amount of time that has passed and what Melih has said), and should fix a lot.

So if I download VMware and just test the beta who am I post to tell this stuff too? like bugs does that go on the forums or somewhere else???

Any bugs found for the Beta must be posted in this topic and must strictly follow the format specified in the first post. (That includes attaching the diagnostics report, even if no errors were found)

Any bugs which do not strictly follow that format will be removed from the topic.

It’s not a good idea to use VirtualBox to test security software. Many don’t function properly in VB.

I think am going to try VMware

Can be argued. As long as you know what you doing which many don’t. But as I said: “You can use VMware or Oracle VM VirtualBox. Pro’s test malware on VMware as it’s more stable”

Or just install beta on comp with a time machine (like Rollback Rx or Comodo Time Machine).

to us VMware do i need a CD???

And another silly question…I know that the COMODO ranks are based off of posts (newbie 1-25 Comodo Member 25-50 etc.) But how do people get the stuff over that like Spywar has Malware Research Group and wasgij6 has Global Moderator or JoWa has Product Translator do you have to work for Comodo or what???

No. You will need the VMware itself (You can get it online - trial for 30 days I think) and to know how to use it. You can find video guides on youtube. Another thing you will need is an ISO image (but you can also use a CD but I prefer an ISO image) of the system itself (say Windows 7 32-Bit) you can download it online. The rest you can set up in the VMware itself.

Time and dedication to Comodo forum. To Comodo products. Helping Comodo. You can be one of them… One day… Volunteer 8)

Really? OK, so what do you do when Vectored Exceptions fail? (As they do with CIS…)

It’s a limitation with the OS emulation of VirtualBox. Nothing at all to do with the user knowing what they are doing.

Yes really. All I say is that many people test malware on Oracle VM with no issues. On this point yes you are right “Nothing at all to do with the user knowing what they are doing”. Next time just be more clear about what exactly do you mean.

I thought I was pretty clear when I said that many security products don’t function properly in VirtualBox…

And as for many people testing in VB with no issues, the issues aren’t readily apparent. It has nothing to do with stability. The product will be stable inside VB, it just isn’t able to do everything it wants to do…

Unless you’re the software’s developer who can look at the inner workings of the product to find out what exactly failed, you’re not going to know whether or not a piece of malware that got passed the security product was due to a weakness in the product, or the fact that the product was not able to adequately protect the system due to inadequacies of the VM software you’re using.

I have never really don’t this before but it would be nice if someone put up hyperlinks to youtube or some website that would show how to do this…because right now I want to do it but I have shooting in the dark… :THNK

and also can someone please answer my questions that I ask on the first page (:NRD)

Cheers :■■■■

Which questions have not been answered?

I see. Okay I take your word for it. :slight_smile: