I'm I using Training mode correctly?

I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing at this point but I felt the need to ask anyway.

I have a lot of problems with online games and Steam not reading information from servers prior to connecting to them (things such as number of people connected to the server and server ping), as well as not being able to connect at all in some games. I read an article here that stated I simply need to enable training mode when playing games, but that never changed anything. So I’m assuming that I need to delete existing rules for each application prior to starting them with training mode enabled. Am I correct?

Sorry if it’s a foolish question or it’s been answered, but I seem to be missing the answer to this specifically. I really don’t want to accidentally do anything witch gives those applications free reign. Steam itself is a browser and some games use it to open sites for group servers when you visit them.

What mode is your safe wall in? Safe/Custom? Did you try adding Steam as an Allowed Application in the Firewall?

Steam was set as a web browser. I leave Comodo set to safe mode most of the time, otherwise it’s turned off because it prevents me from using almost everything correctly. Letting it redefine Steam by deleting it from the list and running training mode seems to let steam do what it needs to.

Though I think I just realized I’m running an older version of comodo. I recently installed it on my brothers computer and it’s completely different. I might also say that it seems to be either missing features, or has moved everything around in a different way so that I cannot find them, and looks completely horrid.

Steam will not work with the browser rule. It requires many ports not just TCP 80, 443, TCP & UDP 2705-27050.