I'm going to do in the future....(Journal)

Well… I"m 16 I’m turning 17 on feb 12 (everyone knows now),

When i turn 17 I’ll sign up for the United States Marine Core, when I’m 18 I’ll enlist (http://www.marines.com/)

about 2 or 3 years later I’ll become a Truck Driver for CRengland (http://www.crengland.com)
or a different company,

When ever I get tired of that probably 4 or 5 years maybe 10,
I’ll be 27 or somewhat,
Then, I’ll probably decide what to do next,
the chances are either I’ll go back to the Marine’s or keep on driving,
or even college…



(:LGH) Good luck on that. :SMLR And don’t get shot (:AGL) (:WIN)

Well it’s not common for a 17-year-old to be sure what he wants, so if you do go for it. At least here in Spain boys and girls tend to follow pure inertia, I would know LOL… It’s the edukatif system I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I’m planning on doing,
and what I’m trying to do…

Good luck with that :■■■■
But rememeber, even if you plan to do these things, you might change your mind :wink:

The future is yours CPG,make the most out of your time and never regret anything you do!!(good luck on your forthcoming journey) :■■■■

Nice 1 Matty