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I deleted the text here so I wouldn’t be double posting. :slight_smile:

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I’ve decided to return to Iolo System Shield. (See third picture for the reason)

To me, I think it’s better to just install a single software that has all the tools instead of just installing abundance of software just to have all the tools. Because installing tons of software is like slamming weights on the computer & it slows down where as installing a single application that has all the tools your PC needs
is like leaving tons of room for someone to breathe

I’m not saying that COMODO’s Software is bad, I still think that COMODO has the best software but not in one application like System Mechanic Professional.

This doesn’t mean I’m leaving COMODO Forums. I’ll still come back here for any help I need. But I think I’ll stay with System Mechanic Professional System Shield & Windows Firewall for now on.

Please don’t feel bad COMODO, I’m still looking forward to using your new DNS Service & I’m still using COMODO Time Machine 2.9.
Please don’t think I’m saying Iolo System Shield is better then COMODO cause I’m not saying that at all. I still congratulate them at there success at the Proactive Security Challenge.

In the 3rd picture is a list of threats that Iolo System Shield protects against. Some of them are what Melih talks about in his videos.

PS: Melih A. Keep up the excellent work. :slight_smile:

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Slow down. Take your time.
We have nothing against members using nor testing other software.
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  • read the forum, (Search/FAQ/etc.) before posting anything
  • stick to real issues regarding this or other security. Ask about problems (if any) & how to solve them

What is this “special attitude” re: smileys ?
That is not a 1st time you’ve asked to remove those
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…not a female I’m a male…
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This forum is about computer security.
Learn here and in other places about that & please - stick to the point

a side note: Please, do not be either over-excited nor paranoid whether it is CIS or any other existing security


I hope you guys & COMODO understand what I’m saying in the 2nd post. :slight_smile:

personal preference Eddie.

Just something to think about.
The more you throw into a program the more bloated it becomes and the more memory it requires and takes up.

That is all.

Is that why COMODO separated the programs from each other?

No, it’s often more of a case of not being put together in the first place with Comodo. :slight_smile:

I personally believe that it’s important to see the impact of a singe (or multiple) programs on your computer before deciding that it’s hurting the performance. I used to have a plethora of security programs running on my computer. Now I just have CIS, and do you know what difference I see in terms of performance? I actually see no noticeable difference. I just keep CIS because I don’t think I need any more.

It’s really a question of what works best for you. So if that works better on your computer than other products, then it sounds like it could be a good fit. Just make sure you understand that it won’t protect your system as well of CIS. :wink:

kids now days -.-’

ohh and btw you really thinks windows fire wall protect you … givme a brake .

I have Windows Firewall Notifier which strengthens Windows Firewall.

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lol that’s funny ! wanna try it’s strength then try this hope you repost safely (may be) ohh and btw search on web for cloud protraction first !
www.malwaredomainlist.com/ >:-D

and then you might be think for pro-active firewall ! just sayain ;D

Here’s some more info. (Pictures Below)

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you don’t say ?? :azn:
but i do say that umm see windows fire wall is good at one lvl but not at all places , but its up to you i am just saying . hey if you have good net then see some youtube videos about firewalls hope that will lighten you !
have a good day/nigh or whatever .