I'm getting tired of this cool down thing after posting..


I consider myself a fairly active user on this forum and hence I quite often run into the “Last post by your IP was less than X seconds ago” ago or something like that, and it is honestly getting quite annoying for a few reasons so I’ll give my feedback here on how to, in my personal opinion, make it better.

[ol]- When I post a normal post then try to report another post then it will claim my last report was less than 240 seconds ago… Posting a normal post shouldn’t affect the post report in my opinion, instead post cooldown and report cooldown should be separate cooldowns that do not affect each other.

  • Instead of clicking “Post” and then show you that “error” screen it could simply grey out “Post” and have a count down in text next to the Post button to when you can post again, this way you don’t accidentally reset the cooldown time!

  • If the above is a no go, then please oh god please remove the reset behavior if you try to post it again, for example if you get the error for 240 seconds and then wait 230 seconds and then click again then it will reset to 240 seconds again! Dear god this one is killing me, do I really need to have a separate tab with a countdown!?

  • Also please turn down the wait time just a bit, 4 minutes? Really?[/ol]

That’s my take on it, it’s becoming a bit of a pain to be a regular in my personal opinion, perhaps I’m the only one bothered by it?

Sanya IV Litvyak.

As far as I am aware, you are not the only one who feels this way and we’re currently looking at making some adjustments.