Im getting alot of virus alerts with alvira antivirus personal can anyone help?

I’m denying access to all alerts. How can i fix this problem. Is my computer still vulnerable for a attack with a windows firewall and Avira Antivirus Personal? Can anyone help me?Any good programs or firewalls out there?

What alerts are you referring to? Are these alerts telling there is a virus or are they alerts from the heuristics telling something could be a virus?

Did you change the default settings of Heuristics to a higher setting?

I think you may be infected. You don’t say what your alerts are. Avira is a good program. Windows firewall will protect you from inbound attacks. But if your infected Windows firewall will not protect you from your information getting out. You need to start your computer is safe mode and run a scan with Avira. See what it finds and if it’s able to remove everything. If not go to and get Malwarebytes anti-malware it’s free and a good removal program. In fact it’s a good idea to have Malwarebytes on your computer, for tough removals that avira may not be able to handle.

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