I'm Confused..Please help ...!!

I have been using Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4 and I love it… The problem is whenever i try to get updates from the microsoft update…It shows a warning message that reads…[ ‘’ Generic… ‘’] … forgot the others…I click DENY and it couldnt connect and a error message appears…I do it again and despite the warning message…I CAN CONNECT AND GET UPDATES TO DOWNLOAD!!.. why is this? DOES COMODO FIREWALL BLOCK CONNECTIONS THAT WINDOWS NEED? not just this but others as well… …

Hi wii_zil, welcome to the forums.

Difficult to answer without seeing the actual alert (assuming that it’s a CFP alert, of course) that you’re seeing. Check CFPs Log (Activity tab) for details. CFPs Log can be Exported to an HTML file (right-click on the Log). Open the HTML file with your default browser and use a simple click-drag-select Copy ‘n’ Paste to post an example the Log entry here.


Its possible that you are referring to the:
“Generic Host Process for Win32 Services” its a Windows process executed by svchost.exe and amongst other things it is relative to Windows updates. If you deny its connection to Internet its possible that you will have problems updating your OS. In any case I would follow kail’s advice and try posting Log entry to be on the safe side.

I can’t post a log right now because my laptop is down…

greenice, you are right…that’s the one I’m referring too…Comodo has that as a serious red warning …Why is this? if that’s part of Windows then why does it do this?.. Again not just this but for some programs as well…Shows a serious red warning…I click deny…couldnt connect…I do it again and this time I allow despite the warning and YES i can download…Get Updates or whatever…WHY?[ seems to me that Comodo blocks connections that windows and a program needs and list them as serious]

Yes you would imagine if it is part of Windows that it would be in Comodo’s certified safe apps database.