I'm behind, fast user switching?

I’ve heard that there have been problems with using this with Fast User Switching, has this been fixed yet? So far I really want to use this one but I’m unable to due to the fact I rely heavily on fast user switching.

If it hasn’t been done yet, is there a changelog available I can use to see when it is fixed?

Hi, pls try the beta version,it supports fast user switching.Hope this helps.

It had actually been implimented 2 beta’s ago :wink:

We are currently on CPF Beta

What's New in BETA? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- New! Windows XP Fast User Switching support

  • New! File submission to Comodo (“Security->Tasks->Miscellaneous” interface can be used to submit multiple files to COMODO.)
  • New! Popup frequency level(During the installation of CPF, users will be able to define the frequency of popups, which will affect created rules),
  • Improved! Self defense(protection of self registry keys,more resistance to process termination attacks)
  • Improved! Application monitoring(smarter act as a server handling, options to skip loopback TCP/UDP)
  • Improved! Performace of the firewall is much faster than before(This improvent solved AVG email scanner issue as well)
  • Improved! Memory usage of CmdAgent has been decreased by 3MBs
  • Improved! Interoperability of CPF with sandboxing software
  • Improved! Default network monitor rules
  • Fixed! Bug causing repeating “Signature changed” messages
  • Fixed! Bug causing CPF not to remember some popup
  • Fixed! Bug causing BSOD if secure boot option is selected