I'm Back & With CFP 3

Hi guys,

Well… I told Melih to strip me down to normal user (I was a Formal Global Mod), Due to school, etc. My Dad also installed Norton 360 2.0 on my laptop, I DIDN’T LIKE IT! So now I finally got CFP 3 back on my machine a day later, & I noticed something.

When CFP 3 installs on XP (when its installing the Firewall & Defense+ stage), It is VERY QUICK! I was like WOW, But on my Vista Home Basic (what I previously installed on my laptop), The installation of Defense+ took 1-3 mins, XP was lightening speed!

Anyone else notice this if you have tried XP+VISTA and installed CFP 3 on both? Just something I found out…

Anyway I’m out.


Welcome back Josh [Comodo Handshake],
I have Vista Home Premium on one of my laptops at home and IMAO it’s slower than my xp machine even though my vista machine has a dual core processor. Strange that! Must be because of all the stuff vista loads up and SP1 update.

Anyway, great to see you back!


HAHA! now you can’t lock & unlock my thread no more :slight_smile:

  1. you have all the reason to be fired as a mod.

no, but reading some posts in CFP3 help section, there are more issues about CFP3 on Vista.

He wasn’t fired…

Anyway, we’re thankful to have him back!

i know,but he deserved to be fired coz he used Norton 360 ;D

anyway…errr so he’s back or he’s out ??? ;D

He’s back… Just not around a lot because of school work…


Ohhh don’t you worry, Ganda!

I am back mate!!!


Welcome back Josh!

Hope that you’ve thrown away the Norton 360 CD (:WIN)
Get RegSeeker and do a search for Norton and Symantec, so that you get rid of all registry ■■■■.
I don’t have Vista, so I don’t have any problem with CFP3.

Me and Soya’s still here, and we can ban you if you don’t leave Josh alone :P0l

Me and Soya have all reasons to ban you (:WIN)


i cant remember anything about installing cfp on vista, but there are other examples of slow performance for no reason with vista, such as an increase in my login time whereas its supposed to be instant (at least it was b4 sp1)

Vista is still a work in progress apparently so i know now to expect the unexpected.


This is the ONLY tool to get rid dumb old Norton.

:frowning: that’s not fair. !ot! !ot! !ot!
you have reason to ban josh :


I find it slower aswell installing on Vista it could be Miniports etc it has to install on Vista.

Guess who’s back? I am watching you!!



how did you convince your dad?


Hi Melih,

Well, Our IT guy who fixes our related computer problems, Came over to fix a Printer problem. This IT guys is VERY GOOD at what he does, We have paid actually several hundred dollars over the past year for him to fix any computer problems that need to be fixed. In this case when Zonealarm Security Suite 7 expired a few days ago on my Sister’s & Dad’s PC, our IT guy recommended us going out and buying Norton 360 2.0 , Which includes the Backup feature etc, As some of you MAY KNOW. I told my IT guy I didn’t want to install it because I have Comodo Firewall Pro 3. He said Comodo is quite a good firewall actually, But if you want the backup etc, Get Norton 360 2.0 & buy it retail not the download. I didn’t want the backup? I seen Norton’s user reviews and support forums and leak tests results they are ■■■■.

We have 3 Computers (2 Laptops- Myn & My Sis- 1 PC-My Dads), So Dad went down to Harvey Norman, Got a 3 license pack of a 1 year subscription for Norton 360 2.0. He installed it on ALL computers, Off course, myn and he uninstalled CFP 3 before doing so. I got really ■■■■■■ off, Because I had all my safe apps learnt by CFP 3. So I told you, Melih, to strip me down. After My sis getting problems & unexpected NORTON process stopping & Dad complaining Norton let a FAKE ROUGE AV LET IN! He then got angry, For Norton NOT Detecting it. I fixed the Rouge AV problem on his pc.

I then told him I was a Official Global Moderator at the Comodo Forums. So I told him this.

“Dad, Norton 360 is bull****. Look what happened?” Now look at Comodo Firewall Pro 3? Heres something to look at:
*#1 On Leak Tests
*5 Star Rating from CNET/download.com
*PC Mag Editors Choice
*Best Support Forum, With even the CEO & Founder PLUS the Lead Software Developer of CFP 3 there EVERY DAY!

So, I got rid of Norton 360 2.0, Installed CFP 3 on ALL computers, Even myn off course, Asked Melih for my position back as Mod, and wala!

I still currently have CFP 3 in Training Mode though for DEFENSE+ & Firewall on my Dad’s and sister’s PC since they don’t download much at all. They are regular PC users who only use specific programs, They are not part off any forum, etc.

Why didn’t Dad trust me in the beginning? Because I stuffed up his PC ages ago! hehe… True! Fixing some probs and OOPS!!! lol… Now things are cool, & He blames my IT guy. We now got a refunded.

That’s my story.


and here’s my story :

me : “dad, look, i’ve intalled CFP3, the best firewall on earth! it has Defense+, blah blah blah…etc”
dad: “yeah, clean up your room!”

@ Josh : can we switch dad? (:TNG)



I am pretty sure that you can fix any problem on your home PCs, even problems on IT guy related PCs… (:WIN)

Thanks for that Josh… and welcome back!!